4 Business Uses for Google+ Hangouts on Air – Build Your Brand

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My dad works with people all over the world and is a huge fan of video calls, he uses Zoom, which is really easy to use and is more reliable and the calls are better quality than Skype. He’s been encouraging me to utilize video over voice whenever I have a call with someone. I’m  not sure why, but I resisted the idea until recently. Now I can’t stop thinking about how to use Google+ Hangouts on  Air for business.

It all started a few months ago I had my first Google+ Hangout experience with+ Sherry Nouraini, president of of Captive Touch during a Friday afternoon #opensm workshop. I immediately liked the concept of using Google+ Hangouts on Air as a way to conduct online workshops and share information.

Let me back up a minute and explain what a Hangout is. Google + is Google’s social network platform and Video Hangouts are like Skype on steroids, it’s Google’s version of video chat. You can “hang out” with up to 10 people at one time (15 if you have a corporate account), you don’t have to have a webcam, but it’s best if you do. Hangouts can either be private or “on-air.” +Martin Shervington does a great job of explaining Google Hangouts in his Ultimate Guide to Google Hangouts.

Google+ Hangouts on Air are a live broadcast and people can watch them in real time on the event page or on Google Plus Hangouts. They are also recorded and immediately uploaded to your YouTube Channel. (if you have a Google+ profile, you also have a YouTube Channel). A regular video hangout is private, they aren’t recorded or broadcast.

I’m going to be “hanging out” with + Sherry Nouraini and guest of honor +Ronnie Bincer on Friday for an #opensm  session. The topic is “Devising a business strategy for your hangouts,” and it’s also a birthday celebration; Open Social Media Initiative Turns One! I know the hangout will be great and generate a whole new batch of ideas to add to the list below.

4 Business Uses for Google+ Hangouts on Air (and regular Hangouts)

  1.  One on one Coaching and training
  2. Group training (similar to a webinar)
  3. Panel discussions – interview the experts
  4. Team Meetings

]Whether you’re the host or a participant, Google+ Hangouts on air are a fantastic way to increase your exposure, share your experience as a subject matter expert and build your personal brand. It’s also much more personal and engaging than a phone call.

I guess I should call my dad and tell him he was right. 🙂

  • Nicely done Beth – as a tool the hangout is excellent. I’d recommend that folks purchase a decent mic/headset for proper sound quality. Create a warm, ambient space to work from, free of distractions and practice muting when not speaking. As with an in person meeting – focus your attention on the speaker and listen. 🙂

    • Great tips Gordon! I especially like the one about the space, it really does make a difference if the space around you is pleasant and free of distractions. The tip about headphones is also really important. Using headphones really makes a difference in reducing background noise.

      Thanks for sharing the extra tips!