7 Advantages of On-Site SEO Training

SEO training is top of mind for many business owners and managers but it can be difficult to find quality training that doesn’t take you away from your business for multiple days and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

There are some great public workshops available but there aren’t many alternatives for someone who doesn’t have the time or budget to travel to a remote location and spend days away from their business. For the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of providing several businesses in the Greater Philadelphia area with on-site SEO training and it’s proving to have several benefits, including:

Benefits of On-Site SEO Training

  1. Decreased business disruption – the trainer comes to you and sessions are scheduled in 3 or 4 hour blocks of time or on the weekends to minimize the disruption to your daily schedule. 
  2. Flexible scheduling – scheduling one or more sessions in smaller blocks of time makes it possible to hold training sessions over a few days or a few weeks depending on what is the best fit for your business and employees.
  3. Cost and time effective training for multiple people – a flat hourly rate for training with a small additional charge for each person attending the training class makes it possible to train more than one person in the organization without breaking the bank or leaving the store completely unattended.
  4. 100% focus on your business and website – on-site private training is and ideal way for business owners and website managers to focus on their business and identify real opportunities for improvements. It’s not uncommon that updates and recommendations that emerge from the training can be implemented during the training.
  5. Customized topic selection – don’t have a local business? No need to include local SEO in your training. Already know how to do keyword research? Jump right into advanced research ideas during your training. Pick and choose from the topics that are most important to you.
  6. 100% private – with private on-site training, there’s no need to worry about a competitor learning any trade secrets.
  7. Accelerated learning – one-on-one training accelerates the learning curve through real-time interaction and practical how to examples and demonstrations.

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