As one of the top digital marketing agencies in the US, we have worked with some of the best SEO people in the industry. And, I can tell you without hesitation that Beth is the best SEO expert we’ve worked with. She is rare in that she understands business “and” search. Her research is impeccable. Her recommendations are well thought through and most important based on current knowledge of on-page and off-page ranking factors. I will be perfectly blunt – you are not going to find a better SEO resource. She is the best of the best.
– Reed Overfelt | Chief Industry Officer | Square 2 Marketing

My company manages quite a few websites and we were lacking high visibility on search engines for these sites. I searched for a workshop that would help teach me what I needed to know about SEO to help out our sites. I took the class with Beth Browning and I’m amazed at the amount knowledge she has on the subject. The class was extremely informative into the inner workings of page rankings, author accreditation, and keyword tools, just to name a few. Beth’s explanation of the nuances that could help and hinder my SEO success was an eye opener to how important paying attention to your SEO strategy is. The best part of taking this workshop with Beth is that she is an absolute joy to work with. She keeps things light hearted and the conversation always open. I highly recommend scheduling time with Beth for your SEO needs. – Michael Glykis | Director of Technology | Island Def Jam / Republic Records

Working with Beth has been one of the best strategic decisions we’ve made. When we decided to revamp our website and reinvigorate our marketing efforts, I had no idea how we’d be able to accomplish everything. We turned to Beth to write for us, train us, provide mentoring, and give us the guidance we needed to be successful. Her positive attitude, professionalism and compassion helped keep us on task (and talk me off the ledge many times when I felt things were too overwhelming). The result has been a website with content and collateral that we’re proud of, and that ranks well with Google, and a marketing plan in place to help us stay on top of SEO. She’s been an amazing partner and I’m proud to say she’s part of our team. – Debbie Matker, CFO/CMO Thanx Media, Inc.

It was a pleasure taking the Essentials Course from the Search Engine Academy with Beth. Her knowledge of SEO is deep and wide. I learned a tremendous amount in a short period of time. She took her time explaining the different aspects of a complex process. I highly recommend Beth’s services. – Linda Lovero-Waterhouse

I am more than happy to write a recommendation for Beth. Beth is the definition of professionalism and mutual respect. What I first noticed about Beth was her willingness to work with others in a mutually respective manner. She is passionate, persistent and ambitious in her work and professional relationships. Focus is a word that immediately comes to mind when thinking about Beth. She sticks to something until it is done to the client’s desires. Beth has also demonstrated great networking skills. The more we worked, the more I gained respect for her. It’s without hesitation that I would recommend Beth to anyone. – Steve Krohn, President/Owner, Icona Marketing

I have worked Beth as both a customer and now as a consultant to Thanx Media. Beth is driven, full of energy and great to work with. As a customer she was both fair and easy to work with. She ran her evaluation process with integrity and it was highly organized. As a consultant to Thanx Media, she works hard and tells it like it is. She adds value on every project and with every task. – Paul Matker, CEO, Thanx Media, Inc.

Beth has an extremely diversified background and can effectively manage online marketing departments and IT departments. While working with her at Lenox she launched many new and upgraded website enhancements and is able to manage complex projects on time and with flawless execution. She is a team player is well respected by her colleagues. – Dan Cassidy, Account Director at Datalogix

Beth is a true leader; she encourages teamwork and collaboration. As a creative professional, I particularly appreciate the respect Beth shows for the creative process. While the world of e-commerce moves at warp speed, Beth allows for thoughtful discussion on everything from subject lines to list segmentation to the checkout process. She leads by example, constantly studying to keep up with best practices and industry trends. Her enthusiasm is contagious; she wants to provide consumers with the best online experience possible. Period. On a personal note, Beth was a great boss. Beth made coming to work fun. She brought her infectious laugh and sense of humor to every staff meeting (which proved crucial during stressful holiday seasons). She helped us to prioritize increasing workloads as our staff continued to shrink. She truly valued what each of us brought to the table and, by doing so, formed a team that brought out the best in each other. I would work with Beth again in a heartbeat. – Darcy Grabenstein, Copywriter, email marketing, Harte-Hanks, Inc.

During a time of fast growth and internal education in our ecommerce channel, I had the pleasure of partnering with Beth. Her leadership, vision and drive inspired the team to take all facets of our business to the next level. In a time when we were challenged with limited resources, demanding goals and developing system support, she and her team remained focused and results driven supporting every project effectively and to schedule. Beth is a solid team member that brought new insights and innovation to our business. – Stacey Gross, Director Ecommerce at Interline Brands

Beth is a team player and looks for opportunities to improve business practices. She has strong ideas to improve processes and develop new methods for reporting and feedback. She is extremely customer focused and understands how to improve the customer experience. She builds rapport easily and knows how to build a team. – Laura Roccaforte, President at the Learning Exchange

Working with Beth at OTC was great rewarding experience. She was always open & receptive towards new ideas & solutions.Her managerial style was very supportive & motivating for the Ecommerce team. There was clear understanding of work. She was always very approachable & inspiring to all team members. I wish to work with her in future again. – Sandeep Diwakar, Independent QA Software Tester

 I worked with Beth closely when she was the Customer Experience Manager at I learned a lot from Beth and found her dedication and passion for improving the customer experience inspiring. In addition, Beth understands technology and how it can be leveraged to improve the business. Her approach to initiatives was always thoughtful and strategic and admired by many. – Jeremy Podliska, Oriental Trading Company, Senior E-Commerce Merchandising Manager