10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Is all of the talk about blogs starting to sound like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoons?  Wah Wah Wah!

It’s true that a very small percentage of individuals ever make even $100 from their blogging efforts, and it’s also true there more than a few businesses that aren’t seeing an increase in sales or leads as a result of their blog.

"Blog Written in the Sand on a Beach"As far as personal blogging, not many of us can hope to make it our primary source of income and embrace it as a way to express ourselves creatively.  For many it’s a way to speak what’s on their mind in a way that might just get them noticed.

I think anyone who posts on a regular basis has a secret hope that their blog will be the breakthrough to instant fame, fortune, and adulation.  Visions of the beach and tropical drinks dance through our heads.

But back to reality – or shall I say, back to business. Let’s talk about your company blog for a minute. Is your business blog generating leads or just traffic? Or maybe it’s not doing either.

Business Blogging Quiz:

  1. Do you have a blog for your business?
  2. Are you posting to your blog on a regular basis (at least once a week)?
  3. Are you incorporating search engine optimization as a part of your blogging strategy?
  4. Are writing content that provides helpful information to your prospective customers?
  5. Are you including links to other websites that contain valuable content for your readers?
  6. Are you promoting your posts through social media networks? 

If you answered no to any of these six questions (especially the first one), you’re not getting the most out of your website and your SEO efforts.

5 Reasons Business Blogs are Beneficial

  1. Blogs are a great way to create user-generated content
  2. You’re creating more opportunities to show up in the search engine results pages
  3. Fresh content keeps the search engine spiders coming back again and again
  4. New content keeps readers coming back again and again
  5. Increased visibility through social media channels (especially beneficial for newer websites

Still not convinced?

  • 57 % of companies using blogs report that they acquired customers directly from their blog

"Blog Lead Generation Statistics via HubSpot"

"Correlation between blog post frequency and new customers acquired via HubSpot - 2011"

10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog


  1. Increases traffic to your website
  2. Leads to more business
  3. Improves your visibility in search engine results pages
  4. Keeps visitors coming back
  5. Establishes you as an authority in your niche
  6. Provides your customers and prospects with valuable information
  7. Is an easy way to generate new, original, and relevant content
  8. Helps you create a community rather than targeting an audience
  9. Is a great way to gather comments and learn what your visitors are thinking about
  10. Gives you something to share on the social network platforms[/fancy_numbers]

Are you convinced yet?