Blogging is a Waste of Time – Fact or Fiction?

Blogging is a waste of time - Twitter Bird BloggingI admit it, I’m human and after three months of sticking to my editorial schedule and faithfully posting three times a week, I tumbled off the blogging wagon and missed two posts this week.  Now it’s time to pick myself up, dust off the guilt, and get back to the basics of blogging on a regular basis. The other day Mark Schaefer wrote and posted, 10 Maxims of Successful Blogging, which was a timely reminder and great information about how to create a successful blog and just what I needed to read.

The reality is that I had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend with my kids and my brain really needed the time of to rekindle the creative fire.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that “real life” and living is also important.

I recently came across a mind-boggling statistic about how much information is being created and published today. According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive officer, more information is created and published every two days than was created between the dawn of civilization through 2003. That’s incredible!

Given the fact that there are over 181 million blogs and nearly 7 million people publishing on blogging websites, it might make one wonder why I bother and why I advise people to start.  It’s easy to come up with reasons excuses not to set up a blog and publish content on a regular basis because:

Blogging is a Waste of Time:


  • Fact or Fiction: There’s already too much content and competition in the blogosphere.

Fiction: It is true that there is a lot of content and competition, but there are more readers than there are bloggers. It can be easy to rationalize that there’s no need to start a blog and it’s ok to put off writing a post until “tomorrow” or “when I get a big audience.”  I try to remind myself that even though I don’t have much traffic on a daily basis, I am slowly but surely building relationships and gaining credibility and that it takes time, patience, and consistency.

  • Fact or Fiction: My company sells products that no one wants to read about.

Fiction: People that have a need for your products or services also have a need for information.  In fact if you’re in a niche industry that no one is writing about, I think you could be sitting on a gold mine.  What better way to generate leads and establish yourself as an authority than to provide people with valuable information that helps them solve problems and make a purchase decision.

  • Fact or Fiction: It’s impossible to create unique content, everything has already been written about.

Fiction: Everyone has a unique perspective on their industry and area of expertise. Don’t try and copy what everyone else is doing, make it your own. There are a lot of great resources to generate ideas and trigger creativity.  Coming up with topics is more about listening than it is about talking.

  •  Fact or Fiction: Blogging doesn’t generate leads.

Trick answer, this one is both:

Fact: If you write about things that aren’t relevant to your business your blog will not generate leads.  For example if you sell cleaning supplies services and you write movie reviews because they’re more “interesting,” people who are looking for movie reviews not cleaning supplies will find your site.  Someone who is looking for a movie review isn’t likely to stop what they’re doing (deciding whether or not they want to see a movie) and buy cleaning supplies.

Fiction: If write content that is related specifically to what you do and help people answer questions like “How to…?”, “What is…?”,”When to…”, “Why should I…” you will establish yourself as an authority and a helpful resource.  People to business with people they trust. If you sell cleaning services an supplies write about topics that are related to cleaning. 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog.

  • Fact or Fiction: Having a blog won’t drive traffic.

Fiction: Search engines and people love fresh, relevant, interesting content.  The more good stuff you write and distribute, the more people will share your content through social networks which will drive traffic.  Google rewards sites with relevant and useful information and if you optimize your posts the right way, you will see traffic from natural search.

One thing is for sure, if you don’t give people new things to read, they’re going to lose interest (and so will the search engines)

What are your thoughts?  Blogging a waste of time: Fact or Fiction?