The More Followers You Have, the Higher You Rank in Google – True or False?

Yesterday I got a comment/question on one of my posts (I love it when that happens!).  The post was “Write to Sell – 14 Practical Copywriting Tips for SEO and Inbound Marketing Tips.” The question was on one of my favorite topics, the interplay between search and social, and specifically about how/if the number of followers […]

The Synchronicity of Search and Social

Yesterday I finally got back on my bike and let my thoughts wander while I road along the towpath. I’d forgotten how getting out from behind the computer can stimulate creativity and generate crazy ideas like how the word synchronicity can be applied to search and social and getting found on the web. A couple of […]

4 Easy to Implement Blogging Tips

“70% of companies that publish articles 2-3 times per week have acquired a customer through their blog.”[1] It’s hard to ignore a statistic like that, but it’s important to keep in mind that having a blog and updating it 2 – 3 times a week is the execution and not the strategy. We’ve all heard […]

10 Sources for Business Blog Content

Do you ever find yourself sitting down to write a blog post and realize that you’re spending more time surfing the internet looking for inspiration than writing? Writers block is real.  Some days the ideas and words just flow and other days it seems like there’s nothing there. When you write on a regular basis, […]

Blogging For Business – What Should You Write About?

A conversation I often have with my clients is how important it is to have a blog for their business and to make sure that they are writing about the right things.  One of the most common questions I hear is “How do I know what to write about?” The answer is actually not as […]

Blogging for Business – Look and Then Leap

I’m finally back to writing blog posts after a week-long disruption to power and internet access due to the power and reach of Hurricane Sandy.  I learned a big lesson about practicing what I preach and having a series of blog posts written and scheduled just in case life throws a curve ball my way. […]