Pandas, Penguins and Social Media – Are We headed for a Meltdown?

I just read a great article by +Eli Fennel about how to use social media.  It was a refreshing take on the world of social networking and how to be successful in this new world of online relationship building.  His advice: Use social media however you want! The crux of his message that is if you talk […]

My Blogging Hiatus and Finding My Heart

Sometimes “real life” gets in the way of being social and practicing what I teach (and sometimes preach). In this case my blogging hiatus was due to a 34 hour round trip drive, 3 full days of college orientation and getting my son settled into his dorm room. I’m not sure if 16 days constitutes […]

Does Klout have any clout?

Today’s post was supposed to be some ‘how to’ tips about optimizing visual elements like pictures and videos for search engines.  But truth to be told I’m too excited about some recent news to settle in and focus on writing something as serious as real SEO tips, so I thought I’d have some fun with one of my topics which […]

Social Media Marketing – What’s the best platform?

In almost every group or forum I participate in there’s at least one discussion related to which social media platform works best for businesses. The opinions and advice range from they all work and you need to be active in every channel to social media marketing is a complete waste of time. I personally fall […]

Klout Makes Me Pout

I’ll admit it, I check my Klout score on a fairly regular basis.  If you’re not familiar with Klout, it’s a social media scorecard that is intended to measure a persons online influence.  The theory behind it is to create a scorecard that helps people understand their own level of influence as it compares to […]

Are You Ready for SEO?

Are you ready for SEO? That seems like a silly question for anyone that has a website and the answer is most certainly an emphatic YES! Or is it? It’s not as straight forward as it seems.  You may have a website and you may be ready to implement a search engine optimization strategy, in […]