Panda and Penguin Recovery | A Web Design & SEO Success Story

Last fall I received a phone call from the owner of a local patio furniture refinishing business. His organic traffic was on a downward trend and he was looking for solutions. After a quick look at his site, I was fairly certain that an evaluation would reveal that his site had been impacted by more than one of the […]

What is SEO in 2014? Does SEO Still Matter or is it Dead?

2013 may go down in history as being one of the most tumultuous times for SEO. It’s left many people wondering if search engine optimization still matters, or if it’s finally dead. SEO is alive and well, and in my opinion, it’s thriving – it’s only dead if you’re not interested in having your website found […]

Pandas, Penguins and Social Media – Are We headed for a Meltdown?

I just read a great article by +Eli Fennel about how to use social media.  It was a refreshing take on the world of social networking and how to be successful in this new world of online relationship building.  His advice: Use social media however you want! The crux of his message that is if you talk […]

The Synchronicity of Search and Social

Yesterday I finally got back on my bike and let my thoughts wander while I road along the towpath. I’d forgotten how getting out from behind the computer can stimulate creativity and generate crazy ideas like how the word synchronicity can be applied to search and social and getting found on the web. A couple of […]