Customer Experience

The focus of providing a good customer experience is often mistakenly limited to the company website.  It’s a great place to start but most businesses have multiple touch points with their customers and people do business with a brand not a channel. There are still too many companies that are focused on product, price, and how to drive traffic to websites and stores.

The clicks to your website, foot traffic to your store, and calls to your call center are all part of your customer’s experience with your company.  Every touch point including your catalog, invoices, and even your packaging represents your brand and creates an impression. Each interaction either increases or damages the level of trust and the relationship a person has with your company.

In today’s world it’s not enough to have the lowest prices or the best marketing plan.  Consumers expect more and ultimately the companies that care about fulfilling the needs of their customers will be the ones that survive.


What is Customer Experience?

Businesses in every industry a customer experience whether they realize it or not. It boils down to the relationship you have with your customer and the way they feel about their interactions with you.  Customer experience encompasses every phase of the purchase process from initial research all the way through to when the product is delivered.  It even includes the dreaded customer complaint or item return.

Every process within a company has an impact on the customer experience and should be designed or in many cases re-designed with the customers in mind.

It’s important for today’s businesses to change the way they think and approach delivering an excellent experience.  Your customers needs, wants, and desires should be defined by your customer not by a marketing team or even worse by the HIPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion).  Your customer’s are talking through social media and user-generated content – “word of mouth” has never been more powerful.

A great customer experience will help you move customers from satisfied to loyal and from loyal to an advocate.  Strong customer advocates are your most powerful marketing voice.


What is Customer Experience Management?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) represents the methodology and processes used to manage all touch points through a customer-centric lens

The Voice of the Customer is a key part of an effective strategy to evaluate and modify interactions that are having a negative impact.  Customer centric-design processes are used to put the customer first and to deliver solutions based on their needs, wants, desires, and behaviors.

CEM involves actively engaging with customers and incorporating their feedback into the way you run your business.


Why Hire a Consultant?

Evaluating the strength of a company’s customer experience is a big job and it can be difficult to analyze it objectively.  An independent professional provides a fresh set of eyes and an objective point of view.  He or she has exposure to what works and what doesn’t and can help you avoid making costly mistakes.

A qualified consultant will bring a wide range of experiences and creative solutions to help you improve Customer Experience and grow your business.

  • Accountability for results within a timeline can translate into cost savings
  • No training costs – he or she has the knowledge you’re looking for
  • Fresh perspective – objective point of view
  • Current knowledge of  Best Practices
  • Creativity drawn from a wide range of experiences


How is Your Approach Different?

Beth takes a mentoring approach in all of her engagements. She’s genuinely interested in the success of your business and is dedicated to making sure you have a good understanding of the recommendations and the strategy behind them.  Beth specializes in customer-centric design and has facilitated the redesign of entire processes as well as discrete tasks within a process.

She uses a collaborative approach to understanding your business and the unique challenges you face.  Recommendations will be both practical and effective.

Beth has the experience and qualifications needed to help you succeed.

  • Five years of hands-on Customer Experience Management focus
  • Over a decade in the ecommerce industry
  • Hands-on experience using customer centric design practices to increase conversion and improve customer experience
  • Proven track record of making changes that made a difference
  • Twenty-plus years of business experience


[testimonial]I worked with Beth closely when she was the Customer Experience Manager at I learned a lot from Beth and found her dedication and passion for improving the customer experience inspiring. In addition, Beth understands technology and how it can be leveraged to improve the business. Her approach to initiatives was always thoughtful and strategic and admired by many. – Jeremy Podliska [/testimonial]