How SEO copywriting can help you generate more qualified leads

Woman searching online for solutionsSEO + The Moment of Intent = Customers

The purpose of SEO copywriting is to communicate your products, services, and value proposition clearly and effectively. Websites with quality content get more traffic, generate more leads, and retain more customers.

  • Businesses with 31–40 landing pages get 7x more leads than those with only 1-5 landing pages.
  • Businesses with >40 landing pages get 12x more leads.
  • 57% of companies have acquired a customer through their blog.
  • Leads acquired through SEO have a 15% conversion rate.

People search the internet with intent. They use keywords and phrases to help them find solutions to problems and answers to questions. You want your website to be there when they’re searching for your products or services.

Quality content that both readers and search engines love is key to online success. According to Google, 88% of people research products and services online before making a purchase making it more important than ever to have a quality website that’s easy for search engines (and people to find).

What is Good SEO copywriting?

Good web content provides your existing and prospective customers with valuable information that will help them make a decision or solve a problem.  It’s relevant, accurate, and complete. Good SEO copywriting is focused on the reader first and the search engines second. Search engines don’t make purchase decisions, people do and Google rewards websites that have content people like and share.

  • Customer Focused – people want to know how you can help them
  • Related to your product or industry
  • Written for humans first and optimized for search engines second
  • Strategic use of key search terms and phrases
  • Original, authentic, and targeted to your audience