Google+ Hangouts on Air and #bloggingforbusiness

"Google Plus Hangouts on Air Event Invitation'Over the weekend I had the opportunity to do an impromptu Google+ Hangout on Air with my friend Mark Vang. Mark’s company is and he’s a social media mentor. We met a few months ago on Google+ and now share tips and information on a regular basis.

We both participate in the Sanctuary Networking Community on Google+, it’s a private community and we are sharing and learning Google+ from the ground up as well as exchanging info on LinkedIn and other relevant topics like SEO.

Google+ is new for most of us in the community and Mark is doing an awesome job of digging in and learning the platform and sharing it with everyone. I recently hit him up for some help troubleshoot my new Google Places for Business Page and my Google+ Business Page. The conversation started with a chat and turned into a video call.

We shared the experience with the rest of the folks in the community and we’ve planned an upcoming Google+ Hangout. It was one of the rare occasions that I had set up something on Google+ before Mark. I’m pretty sure he’s now on a mission to figure it out. 🙂

Google Places For Business Post on Google Plus


The conversation about Google Plus Pages led to one about Google+ Hangouts on Air. I’ve participated in several, but haven’t scheduled or hosted one (yet) and neither had Mark.

It just so happened that I had a power point presentation about blogging that was just the perfect length for a hangout. Mark volunteered to set up the Hangout and I volunteered to be the presenter. Things didn’t go quite according to plan, and the event didn’t launch the way we expected it to

We turned to plan B and launched a live hangout and went ahead with the presentation and wrap up. It was great fun to talk with Mark live after the presentation. He was a terrific host, asked great questions, and between the two of us I think we created an informational and entertaining resource about blogging for business.

It took Mark about 5 minutes to find a resource and figure out why the Google+ Hangout on Air didn’t work as we expected and how to make it work.

We tested it again this morning and are now ready for tomorrow’s Hangout about “how to schedule an on-air hangout as an event.”

I’ll share all of the really cool things about participating in and hosting Hangouts in a future post (or 2), but for now I’d like to share the results of our experiment.

Join me here on Google+ for regular tips on SEO and more – I’m still learning, so let’s have some fun while we learn together – be sure to mention you read this post.