How Search Engines Find Your Content

Although the title of this post is “How Search Engines Find Your Content” (and you won’t be disappointed, spoiler: there’s a slideshow at the end); what I also wanted to share was my latest social networking adventure. I know I’ve mentioned before that I really underestimated the power of social media marketing and networking and I’m still sorting through which social media platforms are best for me, but it seems like every day I experience something new and I uncover another gem.

In addition to sharing facts, tips, and factual information, I like sharing real life examples and experiences as they happen. For me, it makes it more real to know that someone else is going through the same things and that it’s not necessary to know everything at once; the important thing is to keep asking questions and trying new things.  I love reading about other people’s ‘aha’ moments and learning from them.

Open Social Media Initiative Search Engine Optimization WorkshopsA few months ago I ‘met’ Gordon Diver on Twitter, I honestly can’t remember what the interaction was, I only know that we’re now connected on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest in addition to Twitter. He’s been a great resource for social media marketing and customer engagement strategies (from the basic to the advanced), he’s also a tremendous net-worker and has a knack  for connecting people and encouraging success.

A few weeks ago he introduced me to Sherry Nouraini, CEO of Captive Touch and founder of Open Social Media Initiative #opensm.  Sherry invited me to be a part of the Open Social Media Initiative Community and before I knew it, I’d happily volunteered to do a 3 part workshop series about search engine optimization.

Backing up just a minute, Sherry initiated the open social media initiative in June 2013, every Friday at noon PST she hosts educational workshops in a Google Plus Hangout. The topics cover a wide range and the focus is on sharing and demystifying social media and related subject matter such as search engine optimization. It’s an awesome community made up of really great people who love to help each other by sharing information and experiences.

She also shares the latest news in the world of SMM, which really helps us all keep up on the ever changing landscape.

Not only did I finally force myself to dip my toe in the water and participate in a GooglePlus Hangout, I jumped in feet first and presented a slide show in my third ever hangout, phew!  I also started learning about SlideShare and what a great tool it is for sharing content. After the hangout (which is automatically recorded and uploaded to YouTube) I uploaded the PowerPoint presentation to SlideShare and within an hour I received an email that the presentation had gotten over 100 views.  Can you say flabbergasted?

I’ve never ‘met’ Gordon or Sherry, but we’ve chatted via Skype and Google+ and I look forward to ongoing collaboration. Through the power of social networking, I not only met these two great people, I got the opportunity to dive further into the world of social media, and discovered more great ways to distribute content and get the word out about search engine optimization.

I have to get used to being ‘on-air,’ but I can’t wait to share more about how to create searchable content in the next Hangout.

What are your thoughts on Google hangouts or Slideshare?  I’d love to hear your experiences and ‘aha’ moments!

In the meantime, you can check out the slideshow (you can download it from Slideshare) or the video. Read more about the open social media initiative #opensm and contact Sherry if you’d like to learn more.

[slideshare id=18253529&doc=howsearchenginesfindyourcontent-130405144520-phpapp02]

  • What a great account of our adventure together Beth, thank you so much! I am so glad Gordon invited us, you are a woman of integrity, substance and style! So glad to have the opportunity to know you.

    • Thanks so much Sherry and right back at you! I am so thrilled to have met you and I look forward to making great things happen together.

      It’s amazing what can come from one little Tweet!