Marketing White Papers

Generate Leads – Increase Sales – Build Your Brand

White papers can be used to promote your business and sell products. Done right, they can help improve search engine rankings, increase web traffic, and generate leads. They help build credibility and build your brand.

  • Improve search engine position
  • Increase web traffic
  • Provide valuable information to prospective customers
  • Build your brand reputation
  • Drive sales
  • Discover customers and generate leads
  • Increase conversion
  • Build relationships

What is a White Paper?

It’s a document that provides information about a product, service, or solution. It contains limited self promotion and fairly represents all options referenced within the document. It’s intended to provide information which helps the person reading solve a problem. Publishing a well-written white paper can be a great way to help visitors learn more about your product or service.

How Can White Papers be Used in Marketing?

People are looking for information and solutions. They can be distributed in a variety of ways that can help potential customers discover you. White papers can be hosted on your site or on a web portal. White Papers can be distributed through emails and directory listings depending on the audience and goals. Traditional push methods of marketing have lost effectiveness and the key to success is to utilize a variety of tools to increase your online visibility and brand reputation.

How Does it Work? – What’s the Process?

1.  We work with you and key members of your team to:

  • Understand and define your objectives
  • Determine the target audience
  • Describe the problem – what are the challenges and key pain points for your clients and prospective customers
  • Identify alternative solutions

2. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business:

  • Research and gather information – find potential solutions
  • Find and use credible resources
  • Create the content
  • Ensure the document is original