Mentoring is relationship-based training and knowledge transfer.  It’s a proven method of continuing education, improving skill sets, and increasing effectiveness.

Businesses spend thousands of dollars sending employees to conferences and workshops with the intention of providing training and exposure to industry trends to the attendee. There’s always the hope that the person attending the event will return equipped to implement the trends in business and marketing.

The reality is that there is often disappointment when results don’t happen.  It’s not for lack of desire or trying – it’s that a one hour session at a conference can only hit the highlights.  They do a great job of describing what should be done, but not necessarily how to do it.

Learn more about how Mentoring can accelerate the growth of your team and profit your business:

Personalized training

Immediate use of new skills

Tailored to fit your business needs

Focused on your company goals

– Timely feedback

More effective and less expensive than traditional consulting engagements


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[testimonial] Beth is an involved and nurturing leader. She encourages her team to communicate and explore engaging solutions, leading by example with thoughtful discussion, an open door, and a collaborative management style. She sets clear goals and schedules yet always finds the time to discuss new directions and ideas. I find her to be an inspirational professional woman who shows respect and support for those around her while furthering the objectives of the company.  – Heather Truelove  [/testimonial]