My Blogging Hiatus and Finding My Heart

Tulip Drawn When I ended my blogging hiatusSometimes “real life” gets in the way of being social and practicing what I teach (and sometimes preach). In this case my blogging hiatus was due to a 34 hour round trip drive, 3 full days of college orientation and getting my son settled into his dorm room.

I’m not sure if 16 days constitutes a true blogging hiatus, but after writing and posting 3 times a week for several months in a row it feels like one. It’s been even longer since I’ve written for my personal blog, so long in fact that one of my friends and readers sent me an email to make sure I was OK.

I love writing. Oddly enough it’s a gift that I discovered rather late in life. But lately I’ve felt more than a little burned out and uninspired when it comes to writing about SEO and although I’ve been back home for well over a week nothing has really inspired me. So there have been no blog posts and my presence on social networks has been practically non-existent.

My other passions include art and exercise, which have also been put on the back-burner lately while I have “kept my nose to the grindstone.” I finally ended the drawing dry spell by creating an abstract drawing of a tulip with my favorite medium, ink. It seemed fitting to use it as the image in the first post after my blogging hiatus.

One of my favorite bloggers is Mark Schaefer. His posts are entertaining, informative, and authentic. He blogs about marketing, social media, and blogging as do many people. I couldn’t put my finger on what makes his blog different until he did it for me in a post that he recently published, “My most important lesson in business almost killed my blog.”

He shares his most important lesson in blogging and it describes perfectly what differentiates his blog from the thousands of bloggers that write about similar topics. The lesson was this: “Have the courage to let your heart shine through.”

Sometimes we get too hung up on following the formulas prescribed by all of the experts and forget about the most important ingredients for success: heart and passion. While reading the article it dawned on me that my most “successful” posts were the ones that contained both heart and humor.  Or in other words, I let my personality show through and dared to share a personal perspective instead of just facts.

I find many aspects of search engine optimization fascinating and I truly have a passion for educating people about how search engines work and am a borderline fanatic about sharing information that will protect businesses from being taken to the cleaners by unethical or ignorant agencies.

Every time I teach a workshop about blogging, I cite “no passion for the topic” as one of the primary reasons that blogs fail. It’s no wonder that my least “popular” posts are the ones that took me forever to write because the topic didn’t really interest me.

It’s time to take a look at my editorial calendar and put some fun into the mix. I’m not entirely certain what that means yet, but it’ll be interesting to think about blogging through a slightly different lens.

Now that I’ve ended the blogging and drawing hiatus, it’s time to also get back on my bike!