SEO is More than Keywords and Link Love – It’s Marketing

SEO has almost become a household word.  It seems like everyone knows that SEO is important, but I’m not sure that most people understand that it’s more than keywords. Search engine optimization is no longer a stand alone strategy that’s executed by techies and geeks doing keyword research and looking for link love; it’s now an important part of a Marketing strategy.

Last week I wrapped up the 2 day essentials workshop the same way I wrap up every workshop, I asked the students to share their biggest take away from the class. Inevitably at least one student who responds, “I had no idea there was so much to SEO, I thought it was just about finding the right keywords, but it’s really about content and marketing.”

Recently SEOMOZ, one of the best known resources for SEO professionals announced their new name, they are now just Moz. This is a re-branding move that speaks volumes about the evolution of search engine optimization beyond keyword research and link-building. It’s best summed up by a single sentence, the new mission and vision for Moz.

“Moz’s mission is to help people do better marketing.”

When a company who is known for being a trusted resource for information about all things SEO redefines their mission to “help people do better marketing,” it’s pretty clear that the world is changing.

The news about Moz combined with some research that I’ve been doing while preparing my presentation for an Inbound Marketing workshop made me realize that I need to do some re-branding myself. Generally when I describe what I do, my response is something to this effect,”I help business create content and improve their websites so they will ‘get found on Google‘ for the keywords associated with their business.”

Doh’! I’m perpetuating the misconception that SEO is all about keywords and the rest of generating leads from a website is “marketing.”

Don’t get me wrong, keywords are and always will be one of the most important components of search engine optimization for the simple reason that words (keywords) are the way we as people describe the things we are searching for.

Instead of focusing on “getting found on Google,” the focus of SEO should be on helping businesses create a website presence that is devoted to generating leads that convert to customers, aka, marketing.

Marketing is a broad term and includes both on and offline activities, so more specifically SEO is part of a successful Inbound Marketing strategy. And yes, SEO is about keywords, link love, and getting found on Google; but it’s also much much more.

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