SEO Workshop Series – The Dance Between Search and Social

"The dance between search and social - it's time to Tango"I can’t believe how fast the last three weeks have flown by.  I truly enjoyed preparing for each one of the  SEO workshops, but The Dance Between Search and Social has been my favorite.

I find the relationships and interplay between search engine optimization and social media marketing fascinating to say the least.  I can’t stop thinking about the potential role that social signals are already playing in search rankings and relevancy calculations let alone the implications they have on the future of search.

There is indeed a dance between search and social and right now it’s not all that well choreographed in most companies.
In many organization the search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts are still separate and they may be inadvertently working against each other.

  • SEO efforts are often focused on keywords, links, and content – if they don’t understand or pay attention to what is engaging visitors in the social world, they may be optimizing for the wrong things.
  • Social media marketing strategies are often-times focused solely on acquiring fans and followers – if they are creating content that isn’t optimized for both people and search engines, they may be undoing the SEO efforts.

At the end of the day, it’s really not about search engine optimization or social media, it’s about generating leads from your website. Businesses who embrace social signals and the dance between social and search will leapfrog ahead of the competition.  The concept is still somewhat in it’s infancy, so there’s no time like the present to learn how to tango.

Highlights from: The Dance Between Search and Social:

  • Social Search influence isn’t new – Google started customizing search results in 2008
  • Content is a key overlap between SEO and SMMblogging is now cited as the #1 method for increasing traffic
  • SEO and SMM have emerged from diverse origins (much like the Tango) but strive toward the same end – driving traffic and generating leads
  • Strategic SMM + SEO = Strong Social Signals – if these efforts are coordinated they will result in more leads
  • There are challenges with interpreting and Measuring Social Signals – current methods are imperfect, but they will be overcome
  • Google+Authorship and Author Rank will be big – if you contribute content and want to be found on Google, this is a must
  • Don’t write off social score cards – Bing partnered with Klout; something is brewing there.
  • The SEO/SMM Dance Card – keyword research, content, Google authorship,social signals, Google Analytics

Visit my friend Sherry Nouraini and learn about the Open Social Media Initiative #opensm.  You join us on Fridays to learn what you need to succeed in social media.

  • […] On Fridays I try and participate in Sherry Nouraini’s Open Social Media hangouts on Google+.  It’s a great way to learn what’s new in the world of social networking and it’s fun to meet new people as well. I had the awesome opportunity to be a guest presenter and we offered a three part workshop series on SEO: How Search Engines Find Your Content, How to Create Content Search Engines can Find, and The Dance Between Search and Social. […]