Infographics – Fan or Foe?

Are Infographics an effective way to share information?

Infographics are a visual representation of complex information that are intended to help people absorb and process information quickly. From a marketing perspective they’re designed to add variety and provide value to prospective customers.

When you think about it, the concept of visually representing data been around for as long as we’ve been able to create graphs and charts. What’s changed is the amount of information that is contained in a single graphic. Instead of a graph with a comparison of a handful of factors based on a limited number of data points, you might see an infographic that contains a dozen or more points of reference.

The strength of an infographic is that they are a way to pull together information that is related to a single topic from multiple perspectives.  The infographic featured in this post not only includes statistics on the spending power of women, but also strategies for using social media for marketing to women.

The ideas conveyed in a single graphic are easy to scan and the concepts could easily take multiple articles to communicate all of the concepts through writing.

As with anything, strengths can also be weaknesses and from my perspective it applies here as well.  Between tiny  type and multiple concepts I sometimes find myself spending more time trying to absorb the information in infographic than it would have taken me to skim a well written article. In fact many infographics span the same amount of space of a 1,000 + word article with a few well placed pictures.

What’s your vote?

Share your thoughts and experiences.

 Sample Infographic

12 Social Media Strategies to Reach Women

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    • Thanks Gordon, I would tend to agree – although I do think people need to take care when creating them – stay way from tiny type and whatnot 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by, I enjoy your comments.


  • A colleague and I were just talking about this today. Like so many ‘shiny new things’, when they first come out, there’s a lot of interest, chatter and sharing. Infographics were no exception. At first I thought they were good because they encapsulated a lot of info in one place. But, now…..I’m with you….my eyes get tired of trying to decipher all the info and graphics….brain gets tired…too much work! Death by Infographics? No thanks. So true, what you pointed out that a 1000+word article with well chosen pics would take up the same amount of space. Infographics….Buh-bye!

    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah. I think about all of the new shiny things a lot these days. It’s hard to know which ones are going to be worth while.