Social Networking on Steroids

"Social Media Marketing Share Icons"I think my favorite posts to write are the ones that I share my personal experiences with SEO and social networking.  It never ceases to amaze me when something out of the ordinary happens. Although I guess being surprised about some of what I consider to be extraordinary in the world of social networking is a little like when I was initially surprised that total strangers would find (and read) my personal blog.

On Fridays I try and participate in Sherry Nouraini’s Open Social Media hangouts on Google+.  It’s a great way to learn what’s new in the world of social networking and it’s fun to meet new people as well. I had the awesome opportunity to be a guest presenter and we offered a three part workshop series on SEO: How Search Engines Find Your Content, How to Create Content Search Engines can Find, and The Dance Between Search and Social.

Normally the format is a presentation by a guest speaker, but last week Sherry decided to change it up and she hosted “Live Open Social Media Office Hours.”  After a quick presentation that brought everyone up to speed, we had a great conversation about how to apply social media in the aerospace metal and specialty steel distribution industry.

Why that topic you ask?  One of the attendees of the hangout is a business owner in that industry and it’s where the conversation led us.  I thought it was amazing that I was sitting in my dining room on a Friday afternoon sharing SEO tips and learning social media strategy tips with folks from California, Washington, and Illinois.  Our group for the day spanned three time zones and four states, I find it to be incredible.

I already thought the ability to connect with people within a Google+Hangout was pretty cool, what I didn’t know is that Hangouts also present opportunities for connecting with people who are watching it live, but not actively participating.  I checked my email after the Hangout and saw a new message flagged as “high importance.”  I always get excited when I see those kind of messages come in because typically it’s an inquiry or registration for one of my workshops.

The message wasn’t about a workshop but may be even better in the long run.

“We are watching you (now) on the opensm hangout. We would really like to interview you, on the topic of SEO, for Social Web Cafe Interviews ( Deborah has mentioned that she would like to discuss the crossover between SEO and social media and give you a platform to advertise yourself and services.”

How neat is that? I was blown away by the fact that I actually made a connection on Twitter which led me to Google+ and #opensm, but I think this scenario might even top that one; talk about social networking on steroids!

Thirty minutes later an interview was scheduled and another connection has been made.  I can’t wait to see where the opportunity leads.

What’s your favorite networking story?


  • Very cool Beth! Well deserved. It’s becoming a lot of fun living vicariously through your efforts 😉 Well written post and I’m looking forward to the outcome of your new connection.

    • My pleasure Deborah. I’m looking forward to our chat as well – the internet is an amazing place and full of great opportunities. Thanks again for reaching out.