What’s the Best Keyword Strategy? The Answer May Surprise You

Which keyword strategy is the best way to optimize the content on your website? Create content and optimize multiple pages for your target keyword Create and optimize one page for your target keyword The answer may surprise you. Most of the time when people think of keyword stuffing, they think of it from the perspective […]

Write to Sell – 14 Practical Copywriting Tips for SEO and Inbound Marketing

I’m reading The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Bly, which dove tails nicely with my preparation for a workshop, How to Create Content that will Generate Online Leads. Copywriting isn’t something new and the internet hasn’t changed the fundamental principles. I think these two statements from the book sum up what the internet has changed […]

Inbound Marketing and SEO – 4 Tips for Optimizing Content

I’ve recently been following a conversation that started with a question about whether or not inbound links from social networks are of any value for SEO. I find it perplexing that there are still so many people in the SEO field that downplay the importance of social media when it comes to search engine optimization […]

SEO is Dead – There’s no Future in SEO

Yep, you heard it here – SEO is dead.  SEO has been proclaimed dead on multiple occasions in the past decade, but this time it’s for real.  There are a growing number of people who believe that search engine optimization is no longer needed and that Google is killing it with updates like Panda and Penguin.  They […]

Who Needs SEO Training?

I’m of the opinion that almost everyone on the planet would benefit from SEO training, but I guess that might be a bit of an overstatement.  However I don’t think it’s an overstatement that anyone that owns, manages, builds, markets, or updates a website should make the investment and find a way to learn about […]

Top 6 SEO Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Someone recently asked me what SEO mistakes I see most often and it seemed like a good topic for a blog post.  Believe it or not, most of the mistakes are fairly basic and are easy to correct.  Search engine optimization can get complex when you start talking about large websites with dynamic search and […]

SEO Services – 4 Must Ask Questions

Performance Pay SEO Guarantee! Experienced SEO Starting at $299/mo. I see ads for SEO services like this all the time in my gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and while surfing the internet. I honestly can’t imagine what these folks are thinking by running ads that would be interpreted by most people as a guarantee to sky-rocket a website’s rank […]

Social Media is the New SEO or is it?

It’s really no wonder that many businesses, especially small businesses are confused about how to think about social media marketing and search engine optimization.  There is so much information available it makes my head spin and unfortunately it’s not all good information.  One of my favorite buzz word phrases to pick on is that, “Social media is […]

SEO – The Game may have Changed, but the Rules are Still the Same

It’s interesting to me that so many people feel that “Google keeps changing the rules” for SEO.  The rules have never changed, there’s always been good SEO and bad SEO. Good SEO is also referred to as White Hat and as you might guess, bad search engine optimization practices are referred to as Black Hat. […]