SEO Workshop Series – How to Create Content Search Engines Can Find

The need to create quality content has been written about extensively; almost every article or post I read (or write) about search engine optimization or social media contains a reference to the importance of ‘quality content,’ but there seems to be something missing.  The missing element is how to create content search engines can find.  If you write great […]

But That’s Not What I Asked For…(Tips for Improving SEO Relevancy)

We’ve all been there, those conversations where two people thought they were on the same page, but ended up being worlds apart.  The same thing can happen when it comes to providing content and information to people who are searching online for the products and services we offer.  SEO is all about keywords and links, […]

Blogging For Business – What Should You Write About?

A conversation I often have with my clients is how important it is to have a blog for their business and to make sure that they are writing about the right things.  One of the most common questions I hear is “How do I know what to write about?” The answer is actually not as […]