What is Google Authorship and Author Rank?

There are over 30 trillion pages, more than 42 million WordPress blogs, and close to 650 million websites on the internet.  That’s a lot of content and it creates a huge challenge for search engines like Google, whose job it is to sift through all of those pages and differentiate between quality content and garbage. There […]

Does Social Media Influence Search Engine Rankings?

There are days where I wish I could turn off my brain and stop thinking about all of the nuances associated with search engine optimization and social media marketing, but I can’t.  For me, the two subjects are almost equally interesting and the interplay between them is downright fascinating. There’s a lot of debate within […]

Are You Ready for SEO?

Are you ready for SEO? That seems like a silly question for anyone that has a website and the answer is most certainly an emphatic YES! Or is it? It’s not as straight forward as it seems.  You may have a website and you may be ready to implement a search engine optimization strategy, in […]

Social Media Marketing – Are You Coming Up Short?

What is the true purpose of social media marketing? In our frenzy to ‘get our brand out,’ ‘reach the top of search results pages,’ ‘drive traffic,’ and ‘increase conversion’ it’s easy to lose site of what we should be focused on. Let’s take a step back in time.  Before the internet what did most people […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Social Signal and Why You Should

At the recent 2012 SES San Francisco Conference Matt Cutts explained,“Google wants as close to ideal rankings and best quality search results possible…I can see social becoming a bigger signal in the long term. In the short term, Google won’t leave links behind. Ultimately, Google doesn’t want people to worry about Pandas or Penguins. Google […]

A Funny Thing Happened on Facebook

Are business cards a thing of the past? Is social media an effective way to network? I’m new to the world of networking through social media and I’ll be the first to admit that its a bit overwhelming at times.  There are so many “dos and don’ts” and the lists of best practices and lessons […]

10 Tips for Writing People and SEO Friendly Content

Was it Blaise Pascal or Benjamin Franklin that said, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter?“ It may also have been Henry David Thoreau, Cicero, or Woodrow Wilson. The truth is that it doesn’t matter if it was one or all of them, they are words to write by. Search […]

Is There a Social Media Scorecard?

Do You Have Klout? Do You Need It? Search engine optimizers and social media advocates debate amongst themselves whether or not Klout is important or meaningful, but I don’t think anyone can deny that social signals are becoming more important and do have an influence on search engine rankings. What is a Social Signal and […]

Do Your Prospects Know Who You Are?

Are you creating a negative image of yourself or your company through Social Media Marketing without even knowing it? As I’ve been learning to navigate the world of Social Media Marketing, its become evident that if you have a a profile on a social network, you’re ‘doing social media marketing’ whether you think you are […]

Which is More Important? Social Media Marketing or SEO?

Do you find yourself asking this question more often these days? I think it’s almost impossible to say that Social Media Marketing is more important than SEO or vice versa. They are both an important part of a search engine marketing strategy and which one is “more” important depends on many factors. The reality is […]