Write to Sell – 14 Practical Copywriting Tips for SEO and Inbound Marketing

I’m reading The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Bly, which dove tails nicely with my preparation for a workshop, How to Create Content that will Generate Online Leads. Copywriting isn’t something new and the internet hasn’t changed the fundamental principles. I think these two statements from the book sum up what the internet has changed […]

SEO + The Moment of Intent = Customers

Most people think of SEO as a technical, geeky, and a necessary evil at best. Many folks even wonder why SEO matters to their business. However, I like to think of it as SEO marketing and consider it to be one of the fundamental components of an overall marketing and customer acquisition strategy. I came […]

Is Traditional Marketing Still Alive or is Inbound Marketing the Way to Go?

Overall statistics indicate that marketing spend is on the rise, although I talk with many small and medium size business who marketing budgets have remained relatively the same. In either case, many marketers are asking the question, “Is Traditional Marketing Still Alive?“ Two of the biggest questions business owners and marketing professionals have always asked […]