I have Google Analytics Why do I need Webmaster Tools? Part 2

More often than not I get a blank stare in response to the question, “Do you have Google Webmaster Tools set up?” It seems that ever since Google integrated natural search data into Google Analytics, Webmaster tools have all but been forgotten about. I wrote I have Google Analytics, Why do I need Webmaster Tools […]

Link Building vs Creating Content for Local SEO

The Search Engine Land article, “The Best Link Building for Local SEO – None!” by Chris Silver Smith, sparked an immediate debate in one of my LinkedIn groups. The article makes a compelling argument in favor of  local small business SEO strategy that focuses on creating content and not on building links. It still surprises me (although […]

SEO is Dead – There’s no Future in SEO

Yep, you heard it here – SEO is dead.  SEO has been proclaimed dead on multiple occasions in the past decade, but this time it’s for real.  There are a growing number of people who believe that search engine optimization is no longer needed and that Google is killing it with updates like Panda and Penguin.  They […]

Bing it On! Influencers,Search, and Klout

A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts about “The Dance Between Search and Social”  in a Friday #opensm Hangout. In addition to the obvious subjects of Google+, Google Authorship, and Author Rank, I thought it was important to talk about social scorecards such as Klout. There are other social scorecard/networks like Kred, TrustCloud, and […]

What is Google Authorship and Author Rank?

There are over 30 trillion pages, more than 42 million WordPress blogs, and close to 650 million websites on the internet.  That’s a lot of content and it creates a huge challenge for search engines like Google, whose job it is to sift through all of those pages and differentiate between quality content and garbage. There […]

How to Get Found on Google: Tips for a New Blogger or Website Owner

Have you recently launched a website or started a blog?  Are you checking Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and your social media stats daily? If you answered yes to the first question, you also more than likely answered yes to the second question and you may be frustrated if you’re not seeing instant results. It seems […]

What Is a Backlink part 2 – Optimizing External Links

Now that we know the answer to the question, “what is a backlink?” let’s talk about some ways to make the most of the links coming into our website from blogs, online publications, and other websites. Before diving into how to optimize backlinks, here’s another method for discovering websites that you may want to have […]

Local SEO – Does Your Business Have a 7 Pack?

Do you ever wonder how local businesses get listed at the top of the search results page?  Do you wonder why yours isn’t?  Do you wonder how local search works? I like to order Chinese food on the weekends.  Now that I’ve lived here for a while, my favorite restaurant is entered into my contacts […]

Nothing but a House of Cards – (Tips for Orgainzing Your Website)

One of the most eyeopening and humbling experiences early in my professional career was when I learned that the website I had labored over wasn’t nearly as user friendly or intuitive as I thought it was.  The customer experience was ok, but lacking in a few key areas and we were almost invisible in the […]

Think Behavior Not Keyword

Does your list of  search engine optimization tips talk about targeting keywords or understanding behavior? When you decide to move to a new house or community, what is the first thing you do? My guess is that you jump onto your computer, tablet, or smart phone and start doing some searching to learn more about […]