Videos don’t help with SEO (unless they’re optimized) – Part 2

Hopefully you’re intrigued about the idea of incorporating videos as a part of your content marketing strategy. So let’s talk about how to make sure the videos you worked hard to produce actually do help your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.  Today we’ll cover a few SEO video tips and best practices. Before we do, […]

But That’s Not What I Asked For…(Tips for Improving SEO Relevancy)

We’ve all been there, those conversations where two people thought they were on the same page, but ended up being worlds apart.  The same thing can happen when it comes to providing content and information to people who are searching online for the products and services we offer.  SEO is all about keywords and links, […]

10 Tips for Writing People and SEO Friendly Content

Was it Blaise Pascal or Benjamin Franklin that said, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter?“ It may also have been Henry David Thoreau, Cicero, or Woodrow Wilson. The truth is that it doesn’t matter if it was one or all of them, they are words to write by. Search […]

10 Sources for Business Blog Content

Do you ever find yourself sitting down to write a blog post and realize that you’re spending more time surfing the internet looking for inspiration than writing? Writers block is real.  Some days the ideas and words just flow and other days it seems like there’s nothing there. When you write on a regular basis, […]

Blogging for Business – Look and Then Leap

I’m finally back to writing blog posts after a week-long disruption to power and internet access due to the power and reach of Hurricane Sandy.  I learned a big lesson about practicing what I preach and having a series of blog posts written and scheduled just in case life throws a curve ball my way. […]

To Blog or Not to Blog – Getting Started

Confusion around blogging for business abounds and the growth in the use of social media has left many business asking more than a few questions. Should my website have a blog? Is Facebook the new Yellow Pages? Does Twitter, LinkedIn or Pintrest have more influence? Are customer reviews really important? First we’ll focus on Blogging […]