SEO + The Moment of Intent = Customers

Most people think of SEO as a technical, geeky, and a necessary evil at best. Many folks even wonder why SEO matters to their business. However, I like to think of it as SEO marketing and consider it to be one of the fundamental components of an overall marketing and customer acquisition strategy. I came […]

Inbound Marketing and SEO – 4 Tips for Optimizing Content

I’ve recently been following a conversation that started with a question about whether or not inbound links from social networks are of any value for SEO. I find it perplexing that there are still so many people in the SEO field that downplay the importance of social media when it comes to search engine optimization […]

Is Traditional Marketing Still Alive or is Inbound Marketing the Way to Go?

Overall statistics indicate that marketing spend is on the rise, although I talk with many small and medium size business who marketing budgets have remained relatively the same. In either case, many marketers are asking the question, “Is Traditional Marketing Still Alive?“ Two of the biggest questions business owners and marketing professionals have always asked […]

Bing it On! Influencers,Search, and Klout

A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts about “The Dance Between Search and Social”  in a Friday #opensm Hangout. In addition to the obvious subjects of Google+, Google Authorship, and Author Rank, I thought it was important to talk about social scorecards such as Klout. There are other social scorecard/networks like Kred, TrustCloud, and […]

I have Google Analytics Why do I need Webmaster Tools?

I’ve been surprised by how many websites have set up Google Analytics but haven’t set up webmaster tools with Google and Bing.  It’s true that Google Analytics  will provide you with all of the information you need to monitor the health of your site from a marketing perspective, but it doesn’t provide any insight to what’s […]

Social Networking on Steroids

I think my favorite posts to write are the ones that I share my personal experiences with SEO and social networking.  It never ceases to amaze me when something out of the ordinary happens. Although I guess being surprised about some of what I consider to be extraordinary in the world of social networking is a little like when […]

Social Media is the New SEO or is it?

It’s really no wonder that many businesses, especially small businesses are confused about how to think about social media marketing and search engine optimization.  There is so much information available it makes my head spin and unfortunately it’s not all good information.  One of my favorite buzz word phrases to pick on is that, “Social media is […]

SEO Workshop Series – How Search Engines Find Your Content

This might be cheating a little, since I already posted links to my slideshow and first every Google+ hangout (How Search Engines Find Your Content), but since I presented the third and final SEO workshop in the series today, I thought it was a good opportunity to post the workshops in a consecutive series. I wrote about […]

How Search Engines Find Your Content

Although the title of this post is “How Search Engines Find Your Content” (and you won’t be disappointed, spoiler: there’s a slideshow at the end); what I also wanted to share was my latest social networking adventure. I know I’ve mentioned before that I really underestimated the power of social media marketing and networking and I’m […]

3 Key SEO Success Factors

It’s true that SEO is largely done through the use of incorporating keywords your target audience uses to search the internet, but in order to be successful when it comes to optimizing a website it’s important to understand all of the components that contribute to a successful search engine optimization strategy. SEO today is about […]