Who Needs SEO Training?

I’m of the opinion that almost everyone on the planet would benefit from SEO training, but I guess that might be a bit of an overstatement.  However I don’t think it’s an overstatement that anyone that owns, manages, builds, markets, or updates a website should make the investment and find a way to learn about […]

How Hiring an SEO Agency Changed my Life

As an experiment, I thought I’d share my story and the reason that I became an SEO instructor and consultant.  My first exposure to SEO was in early 2000 and it seems like it was just yesterday. I remember hours and hours of meetings to review every page on the site.  The endless conversations to […]

Small Businesses Can’t Afford SEO – Hogwash

I recently read an article in which the author suggested that small businesses don’t need to do SEO and that they should implement a pay per click (PPC) strategy instead.  He actually said that small businesses can’t afford SEO. I haven’t stopped shaking my head about it since reading it.  I can only hope that […]

SEO Workshop Series – How to Create Content Search Engines Can Find

The need to create quality content has been written about extensively; almost every article or post I read (or write) about search engine optimization or social media contains a reference to the importance of ‘quality content,’ but there seems to be something missing.  The missing element is how to create content search engines can find.  If you write great […]

SEO Workshop Series – How Search Engines Find Your Content

This might be cheating a little, since I already posted links to my slideshow and first every Google+ hangout (How Search Engines Find Your Content), but since I presented the third and final SEO workshop in the series today, I thought it was a good opportunity to post the workshops in a consecutive series. I wrote about […]

SEO – The Game may have Changed, but the Rules are Still the Same

It’s interesting to me that so many people feel that “Google keeps changing the rules” for SEO.  The rules have never changed, there’s always been good SEO and bad SEO. Good SEO is also referred to as White Hat and as you might guess, bad search engine optimization practices are referred to as Black Hat. […]

How Search Engines Find Your Content

Although the title of this post is “How Search Engines Find Your Content” (and you won’t be disappointed, spoiler: there’s a slideshow at the end); what I also wanted to share was my latest social networking adventure. I know I’ve mentioned before that I really underestimated the power of social media marketing and networking and I’m […]

3 Key SEO Success Factors

It’s true that SEO is largely done through the use of incorporating keywords your target audience uses to search the internet, but in order to be successful when it comes to optimizing a website it’s important to understand all of the components that contribute to a successful search engine optimization strategy. SEO today is about […]

How to Optimize Images for SEO

One of the pieces of content that’s frequently overlooked are images. In my post,Are Attractive Images Turning Your Website into a Wallflower? , I reviewed how search engines work and the impact of having too many images as well as the fact that there’s an opportunity to optimize your pictures to help with SEO. There are hundreds of […]