The Truth about Blogging

Woman thinking about bloggingEvery business should have a blog, that’s the truth in my opinion. There are still a more than a few people who don’t believe that a blogging is an essential part of today’s marketing strategy. I think of it as an extension of a website rather than as adding another blog to the blogosphere.

You can only add so much content to your website. Websites are primarily static and the information about your company, general products and services don’t vary from day to day. It doesn’t make sense to constantly change the information on your website in order to send signals to Google that you’ve got fresh content.

It makes more sense to actually generate new content that people can find when they are searching for the things you offer. It may not seem like you have time to add blogging into the mix of activities you’re already overwhelmed with, but maybe it’s not a matter of in addition to – maybe it’s a matter of instead of.

Do you:
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  • Have a company newsletter?
  • Compose personal sales letters and send them out in the mail?
  • Spend time creating collateral for customer relations?
  • Shell out big bucks to create brochures and marketing collateral to promote product updates?


A blog could be the perfect vehicle to replace or augment any of these activities. Instead of publishing and emailing a separate newsletter, create a blog post and send a link to it in place of your newsletter. You keep your current touch point and extend your reach beyond the size of your email list.

Because this is a topic I’m passionate about and I believe in the power of SEO and blogging as part of an Inbound Marketing Strategy I can’t seem to stop writing or talking about it.

In preparation for an upcoming workshop, I put together a slide share presentation that is an overview of the differences between a website and a blog and the benefits of blogging. It also includes common objections to blogging and insight into why blogs some blogs fail and others succeed which I hope you find beneficial.

What’s your take on blogging – should every business have a blog?


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