Web Content

Quality is More Important than Quantity

The importance of quality web content cannot be underestimated. Visitors come to your website because they are looking for a solution or trying to solve a problem.  They want to read information that is relevant and will help them make a decision.

Why is Web Content Important?

People are searching. Visitors to your website rely on the information you provide them to make a decision to purchase a product or service from you. They are looking for complete, accurate, and compelling content. If they find anything less than that, chances are great that they will leave your site and move on to your competitor.

  • Consumers start with search when they are looking for products or services – even the Yellow Pages are online
  • Websites with relevant content are much more likely to be on the first page of search results – search engines place a high value on quality content
  • People will share good content with friends, family, and business acquaintances – quality content will result in more inbound links to your site
  • Content is a key tool in search engine optimization
  • Consumers pay attention to natural search results
  • Relevant content drives qualified traffic — if you provide visitors information that is important and meaningful, they are more likely to buy from you

What is Good Content?

When people pull up their favorite search engine and type in a word or a phrase, chances are they are trying to solve a problem. It might be as simple as looking for a birthday present for their granddaughter or as complex as researching a solution to a business problem. People use the Internet to find answer. Those answers often come in the form of a local business, health care professional, legal services, or a business provider of the product or professional services offering that will meet their needs. Quality content provides them with relevant information about how to solve the problem or answer the question they are online searching for.

  • Complete and accurate – if you don’t provide visitors with everything they need to make a decision – they will keep looking
  • Authentic and honest – today’s consumers are savvy and informed – they want to do business with a trusted authority
  • Well written – proper grammar, concise, and understandable
  • Original – people are looking for fresh original thoughts not a re-spin of another source’s content
  • Offers value – even if a visit doesn’t result in a purchase – you’ll be remembered as an authority

Why Hire a Professional Writer?

Writing for the web is both an art and a science. Beth writes in a way that engages the reader and is also optimized for search engines. Her primary focus for the past decade has been on making websites work – customer experience | search engine marketing | increasing conversion.

  • Common Voice — represent your business and products with a coordinated approach to messaging consistency
  • Publish relevant content on a regular basis
  • Excellence — high quality content improves search engine ranking
  • Cost – get the best possible product without the cost of hiring a full-time writer
  • Convenience — no need to worry about interrupting projects or missing deadlines — a professional writer is there when you need one.