What’s the Best Keyword Strategy? The Answer May Surprise You

Which keyword strategy is the best way to optimize the content on your website?

  1. Create content and optimize multiple pages for your target keyword
  2. Create and optimize one page for your target keyword

The answer may surprise you.

Most of the time when people think of keyword stuffing, they think of it from the perspective of including the same keyword over and over and over again on the same page. The reality is that there is another form of keyword stuffing that you may not be aware of, it’s also known as keyword cannibalization. Here’s how it happens:

Let’s say you sell men’s slippers, it might seem like a logical keyword strategy to include the phrase “men’s slippers” in every page title, meta description, header tag and somewhere in the content. If a single keyword appears on multiple pages of a website it means that your site as a whole is more relevant to “men’s slippers,” right?

Actually it causes a problem:

 One Keyword On Multiple Pages is Not a Good Keyword Strategy

Even if you’ve written brilliantly unique content on each page, if you don’t vary the keywords, you’re diluting your content and the keyword strategy that maybe seemed logical on the surface has backfired.

What happens  is that when the search engines crawl the pages of your site and see multiple pages that are all about men’s slippers, it causes Google to choose between the many versions and display. Now Google is going to “pick” which page it interprets as the most relevant and you’ve diluted your linking strategy (which makes it even harder for Google to pick the most relevant page).

  • Internal Anchor Text – If you have multiple pages that are all about Men’s Slippers, how do you decide which one to link to through your internal links on other relevant pages and from blog posts?
  • External Links – It’s better to have 6 sites linking to one page than to have the links split up and have 3 sites linking to one page, 2 to another, and 1 to a third version.

What’s the answer?

One Keyword Per Page is a Good Keyword Strategy

 The right keyword strategy is to create unique and valuable content for each of the variations and link back to the page with the core content about “Men’s Slippers.”

Now it’s easy for:

  • The search engines to know which page is the “real” or most relevant page
  • Website owners to decide which page to link to from their website
  • Internal links to add value

It can be helpful to vary the anchor text if it’s not a navigational element – I didn’t have the space on my tiny web page example to use a phrase like “”Mens’ slippers make a great gift for Dad,” but a link like this helps to create a thematic connection with Men’s slippers and if it’s used in the right context could increase the relevancy.

Did the answer surprise you?

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